Study English in St. Julians, Malta: pros and cons

St. Julians is called as the touristic center of Malta and this is correct definition in any sense. This coastal city is full of recreation opportunities: from sea cruises to nightclubs. This is a colorful and eventful area of the island, which attracts one category of tourists, but creates difficulties for others.


Seaside pedestrian promenade

If you like to walk or run in the mornings, you will enjoy the embankment along the sea line, which begins on Spionla Bay. Numerous cafes, beaches, street musicians, souvenir shops and the endless sea within walking distance, if you come here to enjoy life and practice English with your classmates.

Rich nightlife

For fans of nightlife, casinos and bars with live music, the Paceville area is best choice. The international students visit clubs, there are thematic youth parties, salsa-party, karaoke battles. You’ll hear dozens of languages and night clubs are full until morning. For an adult audience, there are strip and gentleman clubs. The place is monitored by police, and night buses run on weekends in other areas of the country.

Location and availability of excursions and transport

St. Julian’s is geographically located in the center of the island. If you are independent traveler, you will enjoy the area with a convenient transport system. There are a lot of opportunities to purchase a guided tour with travel agents in any language.

Yes, it's great here, but be aware of some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of st. Julians

The high cost of living and studying

In St. Julians, prices are higher than the average in Malta. Here is the highest cost of rental housing, including students apartment. Prices for restaurants, souvenirs, items in grocery stores and vegetable are higher than the average for the island.

Day-and-night noise

If you come to Malta for a long-term study of English, you will be tired of the constant music in Paceville area. You’ll have to deal with loud voices and screaming on the streets until the morning and drunken teenagers. If your purpose is to study and you prefer to sleep at night hours - we advise you to stay away from here.

Abundance of tourists

The most massive cluster of hotels is also in St. Julians. If you prefer a relaxing family holiday by the sea, it is worth considering other places to stay.

So here are the key points to know about St. Julians: a lot of people, fun and noise. Depends on your purpose, it could be benefit meaning that you’ll have a lot of fun or disadvantage meaning that it may affect your studies.

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