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Spanish language school
in Alicante, Spain

  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
  • Фото Enforex Alicante
Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante Фото Enforex Alicante
Our Spanish language school is located on the most well-known and lively street in Alicante.
It includes eight spacious, well-lit classrooms fully equipped with modern technology and designed to accommodate 150 students. Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the school and spacious common areas where you will meet other international students to practice Spanish with. Hang out with locals at the numerous bars, restaurants, shops and cafes surrounding the school.
Take a short minute walk to the coastline between classes for a mid-day dip, and at sunset for romantic drinks by the Mediterranean Sea.

Location of Spanish school Enforex Alicante:
- On Paseo de la Explanada - the city's most famous street, a pedestrian promenade along the beach
- Centrally located with a plethora of restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs along the Explanada
- Just a two-minute walk from the beach!
- Right by Rambla Méndez Nuñez, a main bus stop

About teachers

All our Spanish teachers are highly qualified.

Our students

Minimum student age: 14 years old.


Instituto Cervantes, FEDELE, The Madrid Chamber of Commerce


- 8 spacious and well-lit classrooms
- teacher's meeting room
- computer lab with free Internet access
- Wi-Fi wireless internet throughout the school
- library and video room
- spacious common areas
- air conditioning and central heating


  • General Spanish

    From 14 years From 7 to 10 students per class Length of course minimum 1 week Length of lesson 55 min For elementary - advanced
    Who takes the Intensive 20 course?
    Our Intensive 20 Spanish courses are perfect for adventurous students who are looking to improve their level of Spanish quickly by experiencing a new culture. With our Intensive course, you’ll get a well-rounded education based on fun, interactive activities with enthusiastic teachers and other students from around the world.

    You might be surprised by your new-founded ability to speak Spanish! Even beginners start speaking within the first week of Enforex classes. Our supportive environment encourages everyone to leave any insecurities and doubts at the door and to really have fun speaking Spanish.

    Who takes the Intensive 25 course?
    Want even more class time? Our Intensive 25 course is designed for students who still want that same great experience but are also in a hurry to take their skills to the next level!

    If you are dedicated to learning Spanish, this course adds five conversation or culture classes per week and is guaranteed to give your fluency a major boost. Enforex classes are fun and always based on interactive activities, so you will be gaining confidence and skills right from the start.

    Who takes the Super Intensive 30 course?
    This course is designed for students who want to make the most out of the time they have by focusing on learning Spanish and getting to know the culture that surrounds the language.

    Each week you'll have 20 intensive Spanish classes in small groups, 5 culture and conversation workshops, and 5 semi-private classes. This way, you'll be able to learn from your classmates in the group classes, focus on your individual needs in the semi-private classes, and still have time to explore the culture and work on your pronunciation during the remaining classes.
  • SIELE Exam Preparation

    From 14 years From 7 to 10 students per class Length of course 2 weeks Length of lesson 55 min For elementary - advanced

    Enforex’s SIELE preparation course is perfect for those who want to communicate in Spanish and have the opportunity to live and work in Spanish-speaking countries, and yet still want a fun, adventurous experience abroad where they will be meeting new people and really getting to know a new culture like a local.

    Certifying your Spanish proficiency level with the SIELE Exam will open doors in the Spanish-speaking world. Enforex makes it easy. You will be experiencing Spanish like a local, practicing and communicating in Spanish from the moment you arrive. The benefits are countless: gain self-confidence and independence, make life-long friendships with other international students and Spanish locals, learn a new culture from the inside and explore new landscapes. Classes are fun and lively, taught by enthusiastic teachers, accompanied by regularly scheduled activities and excursions for a well-rounded education of the dynamic and rich language that is Spanish. And to top it off, our class is sure to prepare you to earn your best score on the SIELE!

    Course starts 1st Monday of each month.
    Duration of SIELE Exam Preparation - 2 weeks.
  • DELE Exam preparation

    From 14 years From 7 to 10 students per class Length of course 2 or 4 weeks Length of lesson 55 min For all language levels

    This course is perfect for curious, adventurous students who want to prepare for the DELE in the quickest way possible while still having the ability to enjoy the experience of being abroad. DELE Preparation students are ambitious and eager to earn their best score on the DELE and gain confidence in their overall proficiency.


    You want to earn a DELE certification because it is internationally recognized by many businesses and universities, boosts your résumé and job prospects and gives you greater geographic mobility.

    Why study with Enforex? Enforex offers the best classes taught by native Spanish speakers who are experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the DELE Exam, provide up-to-date, relevant material and are trained to equip you with the tools needed to succeed, no matter what your level is.

    Classes focus on all major areas of the exam, including listening, speaking, writing, and reading. And, not only do you have access to the best classes, but we also offer organized cultural activities and excursions with locals so that you get the full Spanish experience. Still thinking it over? More than 95% of our students pass the DELE.

    2-week course: Jan 28, Mar 25, May 13, July 1, Sep 2, 23, Nov 11

    4-week course: January 14, Mar 11, Apr 29, Jun 17, Aug 19, Sep 9, Oct 28
  • One to One Spanish classes

    From 14 years 1 students per class Length of course min 1 week Length of lesson 55 min For elementary - advanced

    Students looking for personalized attention will get the most out of our private classes. Our teachers work with you to target your problem areas and help you develop the vocabulary and fluency to talk about the things that interest you most.

    Private classes allow you to learn at your own pace, ensuring you fully understand each topic before moving on. You will progress more quickly and more effectively through classes centered on your learning style and needs. Whether you're looking for grammar exercises or conversation practice, your teacher will shape the classes to fit your goals.

    *Should you be interested in classes outside the school or classes applied to specific sectors (medical or business Spanish, for example), a surcharge of 15% will be applied.


    Homestay Accommodation

    From : 14 years
    Time in transit : maximum 30 min by walking or public transportation
    We will always try to accommodate students within 20-30 minutes from the Enforex School by walking or public transportation. Traveling with a friend? No problem: you can request to be placed in the same house if you so desire.

    Do you love homemade meals and the idea of speaking Spanish 24/7 with native speakers? If your answer is yes, then our homestay option is perfect for you. A homestay offers the most authentic experience possible in any city. Imagine the kinds of things you will learn as you chat over dinner about everyone's day and become another member of the family. And all of our families are hand-picked for kind and understanding people who are enthusiastic about hosting you!

    Arrival/Departure time: from Sunday to Saturday

    Special diets: If you have any dietary restrictions (lactose intolerance, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) just let us know in advance. Available in host families and residences upon request, for an additional charge.

    Shared apartment

    From : 18 years
    Time in transit : 10 - 15 minutes by walking
    If you’re hoping for a more independent, free-spirited immersion experience, our shared apartments are a great option. Get to know other international students like you by living together in a typical Spanish apartment. While cooking and cleaning are up to you, choosing an apartment means you’ll have maximum freedom to mold your Enforex experience into whatever you want it to be.

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Address:Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya, 15 Zipcode:03001

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