Magister Academy

English language school
in St Julian's, Malta

  • Фото Magister Academy
  • Фото Magister Academy
  • Фото Magister Academy
  • Фото Magister Academy
  • Фото Magister Academy
  • Фото Magister Academy
Фото Magister Academy Фото Magister Academy Фото Magister Academy Фото Magister Academy Фото Magister Academy Фото Magister Academy
Magister Academy was one of the first English Language schools in Malta to offer english courses in Malta, and today boasts 25 years’ academic experience. It is located in St Julian’s, one of the best known and most favourable locations in Malta, attracts students of all ages from all over the world, and is also FELTOM accredited. The recently refurbished premises offers bright, airy and comfortable classrooms with a modern on-site residence situated just above the school. Both single and sharing options are available to suit every budget and preference.

At Magister Academy, we offer a selection of quality english courses in Malta including General English and Intensive English in standard classes or mini groups, Business English and Private Tuition as well as Long-term Academic courses.

Magister Academy is among the top english language schools in Malta, and offers a “best value for money” guarantee!

Review of LingoCourse

Our budget estimation for 1 month is 1,021.4 €.
We don't include cost of study and renting of accommodation. We include cost of all food at home (153.62€), daily lunch and cappuchino as well as visiting restaurants (536.47€), moderate amount of drinks, cinema ticket per week, public transport 5 round trips per week (31.5€), 1 round trip by taxi for long distance weekly (208.25€) and fitness club membership(51.90€). Cigarettes and excursions aren't included. Depends on your lifestyle actual budget may vary.

Safety Index is 64.46, so generally speaking, this is safe place.
You feel safe in absolutely majority of situations: walking alone during daylight andnight, low chances of car stolen or being mugged or robbed, no worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion.
Disadvantages in safety: despite hight level of safety, crime increasing in the past 3 years is high.

About teachers

Our teachers are experienced and love what they do. Most of them are CELTA qualified.

Our students

We teach English to adults.




We have great facilities for our students.


  • General English

    From 16 years From 10 to 15 students per class Length of course min 1 week Length of lesson 45 min For elementary - advanced
    This course is ideal for students wanting to improve and perfect their everyday English. Whether you are at elementary or advanced level the General English programme will enhance and improve your skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking. By using real-life situations you will gain a better understanding of the language and its grammar rules, and will give you more confidence during conversations.

    At all levels, this course will also build your verbal and grammatical aptitude by simulating real-life contexts, where you will do lots of interesting activities designed by our expert teachers to be both relevant and motivating. Learning in a multi-cultural environment will give you more confidence when conversing with others during your English language course as English is still the most important language used in both business and casual environments, often called the ‘Lingua Franca’. It is therefore useful for advancing your career prospects or improving your confidence while travelling.
  • Business English

    From 16 years From 5 to 6 students per class Length of course min 1 week Length of lesson 45 min For elementary - advanced
    Our Business English course is your guarantee to widening your horizons in the business world by building your confidence when communicating in English, and the small classes allow focused topics to suit individual needs. Our highly qualified and experienced business teachers will guide you through your course, ensuring that you are taking the maximum benefit out of each and every class.
  • Private lessons (one to one)

    From 16 years 1 students per class Length of course min 1 week Length of lesson 45 min For elementary - advanced
    Private Lessons are ideal if you want individual attention and support, and want to make significant progress in the shortest time possible. Each lesson is tailor-made to meet your needs, and can focus on anything from examination preparation through to presentations and public speaking.


    Residence Accommodation

    From : 18 years
    Time in transit : 2 min
    Our Magister Academy Residence conveniently sits right above the school. It’s bright and airy with twin and triple rooms neatly decorated to give a sense of space. The roof terrace is a great social space where students can eat, chat and study to their hearts content.

    The rooms are shared to keep the costs low for our students, altough we can provide single rooms if you’d like one (subject to availability).

    All rooms are fully air-conditioned, newly refurbished and comfortably finished.

    All apartments have communal kitchen, so you may cook on your own.
    The apartments are cleaned once per week.
    Bed linen is provided and laundered every week by the school. You must provide your own towels.
    All of the rooms are also equipped with Free Wi-Fi.
    Average age of students at the Residence - 26 years old.

    Home Stay Accommodation

    From : 16 years
    Time in transit : 10-30 min by walking or bus
    Maltese families are known for their warm and generous hospitality, which makes them ideal as host families for our students. The typical Maltese host family is so loving that they treat students as their own kids.

    Carefully selected and regularly monitored, our host families offer a comfortable and friendly environment. You can book a place in a Twin shared room or a Single room all for yourself. Accommodation in Host Homes include breakfast and dinner.

    Bed linen is provided by your host family and laundered every week. Clean towels are supplied twice a week. Personal laundry should be discussed with the families directly, host homes normally wash a reasonable amount of clothes once a week.

    Living with an English-speaking family will help you to practice your English daily, and is a great opportunity to learn about the local culture and traditions.

    Staying with a host home means you live as they live and eat what they eat – immersing you into their way of life and making you a member of a close-knit unit. This extra feeling of security is what most students love about this accommodation option.


  • Arrival Transfer with Meet & Greet at Airport - 27.00

  • Return Transfer with Meet & Greet at Airport - 47.00

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