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Looking for affordable language courses abroad? Every dollar or euro matters in your travel budget?

Lingocourse compared language courses in all schools of the most popular cities and countries by choosing the cheapest programs. We present a ranking of the most affordable language courses abroad. Select a country, language, age and season. Next you will see the rankings of the most inexpensive language courses. As a rule, we are talking about the most typical programs for this area.

What do the rankings of affordable language courses abroad mean?

It’s very simple. There are dozens and often hundreds of language schools in the most popular places. For example, Malta offers almost 40 schools of English, and in London there are about 100 language schools. In other words, to compare the cost of English language courses in London is almost impossible. We have done this work for you. Compare prices and choose language courses based on cost.

Why can language courses abroad be inexpensive? What's the trick?

There is no trick. Inexpensive language courses do not mean low quality. Each language school conducts business in its own way, optimizing costs and trying to offer the most effective training programs. However, one language school in London rents a building overlooking Big Ben and studying in such a place cannot be cheap. Another school chooses a building in the 2nd or even 3rd zone of London, which reduces the cost of renting space. As a result, tuition fees for students are lower. And there are dozens of such factors.