Cost of language courses in Malta

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The cost of English language courses in Malta depends on the following factors:

  1. Number of lessons per week

    As a rule, the Standard course - 20 lessons, Intensive - 30 lessons per week. It is possible to book different number of lessons.

  2. Season

    The cost of learning English in Malta in the summer is higher. Depending on the school, difference in price is about 20-50 euros per week, however, difference in housing price is larger. Each school has its own definition of “summer”: from June 20 to the end of August, but some language schools include September in the high season.

  3. Duration of study

    The principle is simple: the longer duration of English classes, the cheaper the cost for every week. However, each language school has its own rules: one school gives discounts from the 4th week, and another language school provides only discounts from the 8th week of study. So it depends.

  4. Housing

    The difference in housing prices is much greater than in the cost of English courses. Just imagine this difference: you can stay in a 3-4-bed room with shared facilities, or you can rent a separate apartment with your own kitchen and a balcony overlooking the sea. Of course, pricing will be totally different in such cases.

  5. Study area

    This is not a strict rule about Malta because of the size of the island, but even in Malta you will find elite options, for example, the area of St. Julians. It also influence on price of study.