Cost of winter English language courses for children in Malta

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English courses for children in Malta are held all year round. Winter is no exception. Some English schools present English language camps on the dates of the winter school holidays, offering money saving English learning options. The program of such camps is full of excursions in free time of students. If you are looking for such English language camps, please, feel free to contact us

Lingocourse draws your attention to the language school for children in Malta. In our opinion, this school offers the best English language classes for children in the Maltese archipelago.

Language School GV Malta

English School GV Malta provides English courses for children 4-11 years old. This is a fascinating course that focuses on conversational and communicative practice. Children work on projects and posters, demonstrate their own crafts, participate in role-playing games and create / listen to stories. Lessons are built around fascinating topics. Lessons may also include reading and writing exercises, depending on the age and skills of the student. The price includes 23.5 lessons per week from Monday to Friday, held in the morning. Cost: 195 € per week