Cost of English language courses for seniors in Malta

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English language courses for adults means that any student over 18 years old is able to learn English. There is no age limit. You can learn English at any age. If you are 60, 70 or 80 years old, then choose any course for adults in any language school. However, many English learners over 50 years old prefer to learn the language in a group with people of about their own age. This is called “English for seniors”. What are the advantages of this approach and why such classes are popular?

  1. Lack of common topics for conversation

    Many classes in a language school include short discussions between 2-3 students and group work during lessons. If you are 70 years old, and your partner is 18 years old, then your interests may be very different. Someone will say that this is good and will be right. But there will also be a right student who says that he feels discomfort about such difference in age.

  2. Pace of learning

    Over the years, learning becomes more difficult. It takes more time to memorize information. Some older students may not keep pace with the pace of the lesson. Yes, you can always ask a question to the teacher. But what if questions have to be asked very often?

  3. Friends

    Students become friends during classes in a language school. After lessons they have lunch together and spend free time together. It is much more likely to make friends with students about your age.

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