Cost of English language courses for teens in Malta

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The cost of learning English for teenagers in Malta depends on the season. As a rule, prices for English courses in Malta in the summer are higher than the rest of year, but the choice is much larger. Summer is the most popular time of year and Maltese language schools offer English summer camps for teenagers to suit every taste and budget. In the summer you will find English courses for teenagers of any age - from 13 to 17 years. The standard duration of the English summer camp for teens is 2-3 weeks. Going back to prices, 2 weeks of summer English camp for teens cost from 850-900 € to 1600 €. The average price is 1,200 € for a 2 week summer camp.

If we are talking about the cost of English courses for teenagers without accommodation and activities outside of classroom, the average price in the high season is about 250 €, in the low season - about 200 € for 20 English lessons per week.

Keep in mind that some language schools in Malta enroll young people 16–17 years old to study in English courses for adults. However, there are some requirements. Firstly, upon prior request. Secondly, under certain conditions, for example, staying in a local host family and booking round-trip airport transfer.

What determines the price of English courses for teenagers in Malta?

  1. Accommodation

    Staying in a room for 3-5 people is cheaper than living in a 2-bed room, but more fun.

  2. Activities outside of classroom

    Please note if the excursion program is included in the course price. Daily? What about the weekend? The more excursions, the more expensive the program. Entrance fees during excursions are usually included in the price.

  3. Meal plan

    In the English summer camps for teens 3 meals a day are included in the price.

  4. Transportion

    As a rule, the price includes transfers from/to the airport and pick up at the airport by representative of a language school, as well as transportation during the excursion program.