Language programs for learning English abroad

So, you have chosen a language program abroad for learning English. Next, select the type of language program among the following:

  1. For beginners
  2. English language exams
  3. Professional English

What is the difference?

  1. English for beginners

    If you are just starting to learn a language, then English courses for beginners will allow you to master basic English. You will build the foundation, including grammar and learn the minimum necessary vocabulary for communication. When you pass beginner step, then you will go to the next level of learning English.

  2. English language exams

    Each international English exam allows to reach different goals, but the essence remains the same - to prove proficiency in English. We have compiled a selection of the most popular international English exams in language schools in different countries.

  3. Professional English (or English for specific purpose)

    Professional English will improve the level of proficiency in a particular professional field. For example, legal English, financial English and so on.