Basic English language programs abroad

So you decided to learn English from scratch. Your first step would need to form basic knowledge and skills. Language schools abroad offer beginner courses that include the following components:

  1. alphabet
  2. grammar basics
  3. basic vocabulary
  4. conversational English (elementary speech skills and listening)

Who can attend the beginner English courses?

Anyone. It is never too late to learn English from scratch, including children and adults. In most schools, beginner classes are available for students of any age.

How English courses from scratch look like?

English courses for beginners are held in a group. During booking, pay attention to the average and maximum number of students per class - the smaller the students, the more the teacher give attention to each student. However, this also affects the cost of the course.

An experienced teacher actively encourages students to communicate with each other by asking various topics for discussion. Believe us, even a basic level of English will allow you to express your own opinion, disagree and even argue with the other person.

In addition to group lessons at most language schools abroad, any student can complement an English course with individual lessons with a teacher. An individual course will allow you to pay attention to your individual weaknesses and tighten the language exactly where it is needed.