English for Specific Purpose courses abroad

Specialized or professional English courses are always very popular. This type of language course is called English for Specific Purpose and it reflects the main idea. English for Speficic Purpose serves certain purposes, for example, professional.

If you need to use English in your daily work, then such course will be an excellent choice and will solve several problems:

  1. learn vocabulary that is peculiar to your professional field
  2. increase confidence in communication on professional topics in English

As a result, knowledge of English and the ability to communicate with partners, customers and colleagues will increase the chances of a successful career.

Cons of English for Specific Purpose in English language schools abroad:

  1. Cost

    In most cases, you will be offered individual lessons, which of course affects the prices. You may find the most popular specialized courses, for example, Medical English in groups as well as various types of Business English, for example, English in Finance. However, if we are talking about rare courses, for example, English for Artists, then it is almost impossible to find group classes. You have only one choice - individual lessons.

  2. Select of language school abroad

    Yes and one more time yes, the choice of English for Specific Purpose is always limited. This is due to the fact that the teacher must combine the qualities of an English teacher and a professional in a chosen field. There are few such specialists, so do not expect that in any school you will see variety of English for Specific Purpose classes. In fact, majority of schools don’t offer such classes.