English for artists and designers in Malta

Two English schools in Malta offer English courses for art. Typically, these courses are chosen by designers and artists, but the curriculum can be tailored to be representatives of other creative professions.

ACE English School

ACE offers 10, 20, 30 or 40 individual lessons with a qualified teacher. The cost depends on the season. High season lasts from June 9 to September 22, 200. All prices in euro.

10 lessons 20 lessons 30 lessons 40 lessons
low high low high low high low high
240 290 470 520 700 750 930 980

English School Gateway School of English

Gateway School of English offers a combined course - General English 20 lessons and additional Individual 10 lessons per week. The cost is 530 euros from June 28 to September 1 and 480 euros for the rest of the time.

Contact us and the Lingocourse team will help you book an English course for artists and designers.