Medical English courses abroad

Many health care workers learn medical English: some want to read publications in English-language journals, some people to work abroad or with foreign patients in their own country, and some want to know medical English to participate in international conferences.

Medical English courses can be found in any English-speaking country, however, the most prominent centers for learning English for foreigners are:

  1. the United Kingdom
  2. Malta
  3. United States

Medical English courses can be divided into two categories:

  1. Group lessons
  2. Individual sessions

Each of the above categories has its pros and cons. The cost of classes in the group is lower, and there is also the possibility of professional communication with colleagues from other countries. Among the drawbacks - such medical English courses are difficult to find due to limited demand.

Individual classes are much more effective, because attention of the teacher is focused on you, but the cost of such classes is much higher. On the other hand, you can start studying with a tutor at almost any time you wish.