Language programs for learning English by Skype

Learning English via Skype is becoming more and more popular. Your English teacher will evaluate language level by proposing the most effective training program that will lead to a noticeable result in a short time.

The benefits of learning English via Skype

  1. Save time

    Forget about traffic jams and public transport.

  2. Flexible schedule

    The time of classes in the school of English is predetermined, but Skype lessons allow you to choose the time that is convenient for you. Saturday, 9 am? Fine.

  3. Choice of language programs

    Preparing for English exams, vocabulary training or conbersational English and much more - you choose what you need. There are many types of Skype English lessons.

So why choose English schools abroad while learning English by Skype?
  1. Native speaker

    Individual Skype lessons with a native speaker are noticeably more productive. You will see the result very quickly.

  2. Professional teacher, not student or traveler

    Among English teachers by Skype, you will find a large number of native speakers, but who are not teachers by backgoround and don’t have enough experience. They have no required diploma. Moreover, such teachers did not receive CELTA and DELTA certificates, proving ability to teach English to foreigners. Being a Skype teacher is a temporary part-time job.

However, English teachers from language schools are another matter. All language school teachers in English-speaking countries simply will not get a job without appropriate diplomas. For this reason, you can trust the level of training of teachers from language schools in Malta, Great Britain and other English-speaking countries.

Skype lessons are suitable for all ages and levels. In addition, Skype lessons in English can be an excellent opportunity to prepare for exams, interviews and any other type of English.