Language programs for English exams by Skype

English exam preparion by Skype will be a good idea if you are limited in time and you do not have an opportunity to go to learn a language abroad. In fact, if you chooce to learn English by Skype, your teachers will be the same English teachers, who teach English in schools in the UK, Malta, the USA and any other English speaking countries, but you stay home at the same time.

What distinguishes English language teachers in language schools abroad?

  1. Professionalism

    It is not enough to be a native speaker. Moreover, it is not enough to be an English teacher with an appropriate diploma. The teachers of English exams like TOEFL or IELTS from English schools are real professionals in their field who have many years of teaching students English as the second language. In fact, it is the elite among the teachers of English. Imagine, among native speakers who teach English to foreigners, you are being prepared for the English exam by the best teachers from language schools of Malta, London and the USA. Sounds great!

  2. Education

    Not all teachers of English possess the relevant diplomas, but this does not apply to teachers of English in language schools abroad. It’s very simple: they will not even get a job without a special diploma, which gives the right to teach English as the second language.

These two factors distinguish English teachers from foreign language schools from their colleagues, who also teach English by Skype.