Language preparation programs for English for specific purposes by Skype

Skype lessons for specialized English will be a great solution for any busy person. If you are limited in time and don’t have of the opportunity to go for English courses abroad, then Skype lessons can be a great alternative solution.

What are the benefits of Skype lessons in a foreign English school?

  1. Teachers - native speakers.
  2. Each teacher has diploma or certificate for teaching English as a foreign language.
  3. The teacher has professional experience in particular field. So if you are looking for courses in medical English, aviation English and other professional fields, then your teacher will definitely have work experience. There are few such teachers, but it is always possible to find.
  4. You save time and money because you are located in hometown, but have English classes by Skype. You do not have to go to an English-speaking country to take English for Special Purpose classes. And although such specialized classes of English by Skype are expensive, it is noticeably more economical than a trip abroad.

In other words, professional English via Skype is really a great solution that will improve the level of English in the chosen professional field, but will not require a break from daily work.