A Class Academy of English

English language school
in Liverpool, Malta
AClass Academy of English is an English Language school centrally located on the beautiful island of Malta. Our school is located in a large brick building with sea and country views, set in private grounds.

AClass Academy of English is well established as a leading course provider, having met the requirements laid out by the ELT Council and Government of Malta. You can count on us for a very warm welcome, personal service and excellent language tuition!

The school environment is very peaceful. We have a study area, free Wi-Fi and computer lab and a small student library, where students can relax after class. The school canteen is also available for students to use during the school year. Classrooms are bright and airy, many with interactive whiteboards as well as air-conditioning in the warm summer months. AClass Academy can arrange host family accommodation, airport transfers, cultural tours and a unique experience for groups of students or individuals.
Review of LingoCourse
Our budget estimation for 1 month is 1,021.4 €.
We don't include cost of study and renting of accommodation. We include cost of all food at home (153.62€), daily lunch and cappuchino as well as visiting restaurants (536.47€), moderate amount of drinks, cinema ticket per week, public transport 5 round trips per week (31.5€), 1 round trip by taxi for long distance weekly (208.25€) and fitness club membership(51.90€). Cigarettes and excursions aren't included. Depends on your lifestyle actual budget may vary.

Safety Index is 64.46, so generally speaking, this is safe place.
You feel safe in absolutely majority of situations: walking alone during daylight andnight, low chances of car stolen or being mugged or robbed, no worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion.
Disadvantages in safety: despite hight level of safety, crime increasing in the past 3 years is high.
About teachers
Our teachers are highly qualified.
Our students
We teach English to Adults and Children.
ELT Council
- free Wi-Fi and computer lab,
- a small student library,
- interactive whiteboards in classrooms,
  • General & Intensive English
    From 18 years From 8 to 12 students per class Length of course min 1 week Length of lesson 45 min For all levels
    All our General and Intensive English Courses follow the guidelines set out by the Common European Framework for languages and are designed to give you a solid introduction to the English language. Highly experienced, qualified English teachers and our academic staff ensure a communicative approach to language learning, encouraging plenty of speaking during the lessons, pair-work and group work activities.

    Lessons focus on the four key skills; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing as well as specific vocabulary building activities appropriate for your level. A solid introduction to grammar is also provided.
    Maximum 12 participants per class (average 8)

    Teachers are well equipped to ensure that you learn at an appropriate pace and level.
  • Individual lessons - General English
    From 18 years 1 students per class Length of course min 1 week Length of lesson 45 min For all levels
    One-to-one General English is an ideal way for you to improve your overall level in a short period of time, this course makes you the focus of the lesson and can be tailored to your specific needs. Together with your teacher you will choose which areas of the language to work on, targeting key areas of weakness to develop a tailor-made program. For example, you might require extra fluency practice, some practical writing tips in English or need to expand your vocabulary based on a specific topic. On arrival you will meet our academic staff at the school who will be happy to assess your needs prior to starting the course.
  • Apartment - room with provate bathroom
    From: 18 years
    Time in transit: 15 min by foot
  • Host Family
    From: 18 years
    Time in transit: 15 min by foot
  • - 20.00
  • - 40.00
Contact of school
Address:50 Mount Pleasant