am Language Studio

English language school
in Sliema, Malta
One of the first English Language schools in Malta, am Language Studio has a history for offering quality English Language courses and customer satisfaction. am Language Studio was established in 1987 and located in Sliema - a major tourism spot on the northeastern coast of the beatiful island of Malta. Visitors here will find an abudance of relaxing holiday activities available, as well as restautants, shopping and nightlife.

Courses are offered in a friendly and personal, yet professional environment. Our course philosophy is simple and effective combining the latest innovative teaching techniques with personal attention. As a small organization we can concentrate on your individual needs and help you improve your use of English. More than just English, we help students with accommodation arrangements and leisure activities led by a young and dynamic team, from the administration office to teachers and leisure personnel, every effort is made to make your experience in Malta one to remember!

97% of our customers in 2017 said that they would recommend us to other students.

Nationality mix: France - 20%, Italy - 20%, Holland - 3%, Spain - 2%, Russia - 1%, Turkey - 2%, Japan - 1%, Others - 51%.
Review of LingoCourse
Our budget estimation for 1 month is 1,021.4 €.
We don't include cost of study and renting of accommodation. We include cost of all food at home (153.62€), daily lunch and cappuchino as well as visiting restaurants (536.47€), moderate amount of drinks, cinema ticket per week, public transport 5 round trips per week (31.5€), 1 round trip by taxi for long distance weekly (208.25€) and fitness club membership(51.90€). Cigarettes and excursions aren't included. Depends on your lifestyle actual budget may vary.

Safety Index is 64.46, so generally speaking, this is safe place.
You feel safe in absolutely majority of situations: walking alone during daylight andnight, low chances of car stolen or being mugged or robbed, no worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin colour, ethnic origin or religion.
Disadvantages in safety: despite hight level of safety, crime increasing in the past 3 years is high.
About teachers
TEFL, CELTA, DELTA qualified experienced teachers from a variety of professional backgrounds in teaching a wide range of English courses.
Our students
We teach the following English courses: Adult, Professional, Examination Preparation, Teenage, 50+ Programme, English for Specific Purpose; Long Stay/Academic Year.
Founder member of FELTOM (1989), ISO 9001 certified and licensed by the Ministry of Education.
- 18 air-conditioned classrooms;
- Audio-visual Room;
- Reception;
- Coffee Shop;
- Roof Garden;
- Wi-Fi throughout the building
  • General & Intensive English
    From 18 years From 10 to 12 students per class Length of course min 1 week Length of lesson 45 min For all levels
    General English
    The most popular course at am Language Studio is designed to give students a solid introduction to the English language and devotes special attention to grammar, vocabulary building, conversation and pronunciation. While conventional texts and audio equipment form the basis of the lesson structure, teachers encourage language use through role-play, problem solving, discussions and story telling. The group element allows participants to benefit from trying out and practising language structures on their fellow students.

    Intensive English
    By devoting more hours to tuition students can give their English a kick-start in a relatively short period of time. Students follow the General English Course and have a further 2 sessions per day of 45 minutes each. They are given the opportunity to consolidate their General English studies and have further options to cover new ground.

    Combination English
    With this course, students benefit from group classes in the General English Course and individual lessons when they have the teacher’s undivided attention to focus on their specific needs and interests. Students choose a number of consecutive sessions of study per day.
Contact of school
Address:299 Triq Manwel Dimech