Chinese courses in China: study in the best language schools

Chinese language courses in China will become not just daily lessons, but the opportunity to learn the country from new point of view. By studying Chinese language course, you not only work with experienced teachers every day and get to know peers from other countries, but also work on improving your Chinese: talking with salespeople and waiters, explaining the way to a taxi driver or meeting locals at a coffee shop. Immersion in Chinese will allow you to take a fresh look at learning Chinese. In a short time, you will make significant progress in your Chinese language skills!

Chinese language courses are concentrated both in large cities, for example, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and in smaller cities, where the cost of living is noticeably lower and fluency in other languages, for example, English does not help. You have to speak Chinese.

You can study for 2 weeks or an academic year. Accommodation is possible either in local host families or in residences. Email us and we will pick up the Chinese course in China according to your requirements.

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