English language schools in the Philippines

When you think about learning English abroad, the first country you think of is unlikely to be the Philippines. However, this is really a worthy option. The Philippines has several incomparable advantages over Europe or North America. Firstly, the Philippines is an English-speaking country. According to statistics, about 97% of the population speaks English. Yes, many ethnic groups have their own languages, however, the common and only language in which Filipinos communicate with each other is English. Thus, English teachers in the Philippines are native speakers. Secondly, in terms of price and quality, the Philippines is out of competition. Prices in different schools differ, but if briefly, for the price of a 20 hour course in a group a week in Malta you will receive 20 hours of individual lessons in the Philippines. Thirdly, the climate and nature. The Philippines is amazing at any time of the year. The choice is yours, and the Lingocourse team will tell you how to choose an English course in the Philippines.

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