Select language schools abroad

Language schools abroad have great reputation as a fast and efficient way to learn a foreign language. Choosing a country where a language is spoken, immerse you in the language environment. The speed of learning increases at times!

Highly professional teachers in language schools - native speakers pay attention to each student, giving useful tips on learning a language. You will learn and communicate with students from around the world. Communication in a foreign language does not end at a language school, but continues after lessons. Most language schools offer housing options: local host families, accommodation in a residence or apartment. However, you can rent housing on your own by booking only the language course. Food options also vary - from three meals a day to “no meals”.

Choose the duration (from 1 week to the academic year), the number of lessons per week (from 10 to 40), the type of course (common language, preparation for exams, etc.).

Course type